Languages Using Thai Script

Languages that currently use Thai script, or potentially able to use Thai script, with examples (especially those different from standard Thai)

  • Kuy language กุย (also known as Suay ส่วย or Kuay กวย) - one of the most important languages of the Mon-Khmer family, spoken in northeastern Thailand by about 300,000 people.
    • has sequences like <ก> <-ี> <-็> which is not in standard Thai
  • Bruu language - a language spoken by the Bru people. A member of the Katuic group of the Mon-Khmer languages. Approximately 20,000 speakers in Thailand.
    • แต็-่ง (MAITAIKHU as upper vowel)
    • โจ๊-่ (MAITRI as upper vowel)
  • Jawi script ยาวี - an adapted Arabic alphabet for writing the Malay language. Used among Malay-speaking Islams in southern Thailand, particularly in religious contexts.
    • may able to use Thai script

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