Meeting1e (Summary from GoogleGroup)

I would like to keep the discussion summary of what we agreed or not agreed in here.

Character Set

  • No change has been requested by anyone.

Display | Encoding | Editing

  • Input sequence validation/normalization (Encoding and Editing)
    • Alternative to WTT2.0 incidence table? BNF rule-based?
    • Cell v Cluster v Grapheme Cluster
    • accommodation for ยาวี in WTT2.0 (Quick fix) - polymorphism of MAI TRI as tone mark as well as sara?
    • SARA AM
    • Spaces (surrounding numerals, PAIYANNOI, MAI YAMOK)
  • Encoding
    • No issue in encoding. We encode Thai characters exactly as the key entered on the keyboard. Only validation of current input character is made (using the knowledge about one previous character - WTT2).
    • Possible new issue: intelligence in input editing? Say, SARA AA can be automatically converted into Lakkhang Yao if the previous character is in the set {RO RU, LO LU}
  • Display
    • Glyph rendering position — applicable to
      • Tone marks on condition about the previous character: if previous character is base consonant or lower vowel, the tone mark appear immediately above the base consonant, if the previous character is an upper vowel, the tone mark will be shifted above the previous character;
      • Tone marks, Upper vowels, Upper Diacritics on conditions about the base consinant with long ascenders (ป ฝ ฟ).
    • Modification of the base consonants with descender (ฎ, ฏ, ญ, ฐ) if the current character is lower vowel or lower diacritics

Sorting (collation, locale:collate)

  • Existing th-TH locale written by Theppitak
    • is it ok? * any improvement required?
    • multi-phoneme word - sort as multiple chunk or applied RI for the whole chunk?
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