Understanding TISI Process

The Thai Industrial Standards Institute (TISI) is the national body that deals with industrial standards of all sorts. In Thai language, its name is actually limited to "standards of industrial products". However, in practice, TISI deals with almost everything in addition to "products".

TISI is under the Ministry of Industry. Its building is located at 75/42 Rama 6 Road, Khet Rajthevi, Bangkok 10400.

The top authority within TISI is the Director General. The Standards Administration Division is the organization that manage the work of standards development. Normally, TISI works with the industry and academia through two methods:

  1. Technical Committee
  2. Collaboration with industry associations, other ministries or university

The Technical Committee that deals with Information Technology is called TC536. It consists of people from government, industry and university. Draft standards can be developed by either the TC or an industry association or a subcommittee of TC.

Once a draft is submitted o TC536, the committee may decide to revise or accept that draft. TISI then circulate the draft to stakeholders by mail for a given period. TC536 will then make another reading of the draft and all of the written comments.

Once a draft standard is approved by TC536, the Standards Administration Division will then prepare the standard document for te DG of TISI to authorize.

Authorized standards are announced in the Royal Gazette.

Website: http://www.tisi.or.th/

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