What Is WTT?

WTT (ว.ท.ท.) is the name of a Thai Language Standard initiative started in 1990 by the Thai API Consortium. The objective of WTT is to define the stanard Thai Input/Output method for computers. The WTT 2.0 draft was published in a book called "Computers and the Thai Language" in 1992 and was submitted to the Thai Industrial Standards Institute in 1993. The draft was later published as TISI 1566-2541 in 1998.

WTT 3.0 is intended to update WTT 2.0 and go beyond input/output methods.

The term WTT is an acronym from Thai language ว.ท.ท. meaning "(I) run on every platform" (วิ่งทุกที่).

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